Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism: Tibetan Monk Skull

Tibet is located in inland highlands, which are also described as 'the roofs of the world'.The harsh nature of the natural environment has developed its own culture.Tibetan people who do not fight against harsh natural environments and are modest in Tibet."Tibetan Buddhism" was one of the key areas of such people's conduct than ancient times.


In Tibetan Buddhism, Rinne Tensho is believed to have been reborn.People's corpse is buried in a cremation, but only a certain monk's corpse is used as a ritual implement.He keeps praying for the happiness of the people, and he is chosen as the god who is going to live the life of heaven, and the bones of the monks are reborn into hogu (ritual implements).One of the hogu (ritual implements) is the acronyle of the skull using the skull of a Buddhist monk.




The skull of the monk is held at the top of the head, and "openness of knowledge" is held.It is believed that knowledge and experience are passed down by pouring sake into the head of the head (skull cup) that opened.These skulls are decorated with polite decoration that is worded in the sense of revered and enshrined in temples.The skull of the priest with this mysterious decoration is called the Tibetan Mongk skull.


The Tibetan Monk Skull has a powerful beauty that is unconscionable and intellisted with nature.What is the reason for the powerful and beautiful beauty of the world?It may be because it was born as a crystal of prayers for people who had been handed down from the ancient times, and it might be a legal tool for them.It is one that exists to purify the dirt of the mind.The pure and innocent prayers of the people who wish for happiness and peace have been polished beyond generations, and the design concept of design is a powerful and unmeasurable beauty in the concept of design.

" I'm going to raise the Tibetan Monk Skull, the Buddhist instrument of Tibetan Buddhism, to the accessory.ZOCALO: SocaloThis is the Tibetan Monk Skull collection of the Tibetan Monk Skull Collection.

The ring is led by a wide variety of jewelry, including pendant, piercing, and bangul.A collection of materials and stone types that reproduced the "Tibetan Mongk Skull" into realism is a work of grasp of the invariant beauty of the collection.

Tibetan people will be able to convey Tibetan culture to the future, with the history of Tibetan Buddhism being created by the human race.

ZOCALO: Tibetan Monk Skull collection of Tibetan Monk Skull (Tibetan Monk Skull)Attention please.