In the dictionary, "Crest" is said to mean "bird, crown," "helmet, decoration," "top, mountain, top, top," "coat of arms," "crest, family crest," and so on.

What you can say in common is something that is noticeable.

"Crest: Crest", used by ZOCALO, is the meaning of "Crest, Crest," and "Family Crest."More easily, it's a logo.



ZOCALO's Crest is, of course, Dorje, but we used Vajra (Vajra) to design the design.

Some say that Vajra or the niche is called Dorje in the tip of the cutting edge, but in India, Vajra (Basra), Tibet and Nepal are called Dorje.That's the same thing.

It is said that after the fall of the lightning, this is said to have been made, and it is said that the earthly desires of the people who gather the power of the sky will be extinguished.

ZOCALO at the side, the IVY: ivy, the pendant top carved into the ivy pattern.

Crest of Vajra (L)

You have a small one. ^ _ ^
Crest of Vajra: (S)