I have received a ZOCALO purchase, and if you have any advice, please contact us with a liffor-made contact.

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[Usage notes] for the handling of Silver.

relating to the skin

If you experience an abnormaly in your skin due to your physical condition, you should stop using your skin immediately and consult your specialist.

relating to a hot spot or fitted in the extreme cold places

Be sure to remove all the accessories that are attached to hot and humid places like saunas, skiing, and other polar places.
Any little pierced could be the cause of burn or frostbite.

with respect to the leather product

I'd like to ask you not to immersion leather goods in water.
Water may change the skin of leather when it is purchased, or damage the leather part.
Also, use leather-only cleaners whenever stains are outstanding in the leather section.

About the After Service


If the size does not fit, such as the ring size/chain length of the accessory that has been purchased, the size of the purchase will be free of charge within 7 days of purchase.
If you are not in contact with you after 7 days or more, you may be able to make a quotation.


You have purchased your accessories and are now reconditioning your accessories.
Please contact me by phone or email.
In some cases, there are some things that cannot be repaired.Please accept.

*For shipping and shipping, such as exchange and repair.
Please bear the burden of shipping, repair, and other fees at your expense.
After replacing or repairs, the Shop will send you to the customer by mail with a delivery record that can be handed directly to the post, not to the post, without any accident.Also, please use the mail and parcel delivery service with the delivery records for the purpose of exchanging and repairs to the store.
The shop pays all the fees for the exchange and repair, for example, by the responsibility of the Shop, such as the difference in the quality of goods and products.

Daily care

After you use it, you should wipe the dirt on the surface with a soft cloth.
If you don't use it, you can put it in a small plastic bag to leave the air out of the air.
In particular, the chain is washed with a thin, neutral detergent and water is water, and it is osms to be dried and dried well.
If you put your sweat in your sweat, you get a germ, and then you become red or become more or more like a mold.
Be careful, however, that some of the top-stones attached to the top of the stone are not water.

Special polishing crossings containing abrasive are especially useful for cleaning up the plane, but be careful not to polish.
☆Most ZOCALO products are smoked.
(Silver is black with sulfur, but it is also known as a black-processed state using sulfide.)
If you dip it into a cleaning fluid, it gets smoked, and it changes the tone of the septomy.Avoid cleaning fluid, please.

If I was wrong, I was going to be immersed in a cleaning solution, and I was completely white."
Please contact your ZOCALO store or ZOCALO office soon, if you have any "black in hot springs."

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