Lucky key to open the new door.

As a tool, the "key" is basically used in locks and sets, and is used to open and close doors.Its history is old, and the oldest "key" in the world is a wooden tablet called "Egyptian padlock", which is said to have already existed around 2000 B.C., and it is said to have been painted in mural paintings.

The 'key' (key), which has been used as a tool since ancient times, has gradually become a symbol (symbol).

Since it can open the door, it is valued as a symbol of 'good luck', such as 'wisdom,' 'knowledge,' and ' success. 'It is also said to have the meaning of "secrecy", "control", "power", "ruling," "confidence," "prudence," "prudence," and "authority," and it is often used as a coat of arms in the West as the coat of arms of the Vatican City.

In Japan, the 'keikon' (key pattern), which has the effect of shutting the gate, is said to have an effect such as 'amulake,' and it has been used since the 'key-mon' (Kagon), which was designed to design the key, was created.

Thus the "key" has been used throughout the world as a symbol of a variety of meanings, not just as a tool.The key collection is the "ZOCALO: Socalo," which has been used to design the key to the key.

As all things have the beginning and the end, there is a beginning and end of the mind and action of people.A key is also a symbol of the will of such people.

Do you use it to open a new door, or use it to seal your precious memories?..

As a symbol of "good luck," he also said, "Protect us from the evil."ZOCALO: SocaloDo you want to include the Key (Key) collection in which you want to expand it?

Key collection is centered on the line-up of the pendant.There is a wide variety of jewelry from design that looks like an antique key in the West, with a wide variety of jewelry designs, a design that adhered to the design and a creepy design with a stone.

In addition, there are many variations of size, and it is easy to find jewelry that is suitable for taste and style.

It is also Ossmee that, as a symbol of the beginning or end of things, is to wear it as a defense, and to wear it as a sign of "trust" or "promise".