"Fleur-de-lis" Symbol of elegance

"Fleur-de-lis" is a jewelry series of "ZOCALO" designed to Lily flowers as motifs.

The motif of "Fleur de Lis" has been used for many centuries and a large number of emblems and flags of Europe. In particular, the relationship with the French royal family is deep and is still used as a royal emblem.

By the way, the three petals of "Fleur de Lis" as a French emblem are "God" "creation" "King right".

In addition, it is often used for French stamps, and is often used in Canadian French spaced areas, which were in France settlements. "Fleur de squirris" is also used in England, Scotland, Italy and Switzerland.

In modern times, it is also used as a logo of various organizations, such as army's insignia, and varies, such as educational institutions, companies, sports teams and groups.

As a lily flower, decorative and symbolically used "Fleur de squirrel" is common to many civilizations prospered in the world, such as Mesopotamia civilization, Egyptian Civilization, Myceine Civilization, Sashane, Galia, Mamlook Morning, etc. It is said that it can be seen. Of course, it has been used for old days in Japan.

The Historic Symbol Mark "Fleur de Lis", which has been used worldwide, is a high-class design of the World World, and the Jewelry design is dropped to the design of the Jewelry, Fleur- DE-LIS (Fleur de Squirrel) Collection.

As a leading role of jewelry, a variety of designs have been developed, such as jewelry attached as a supporting role from jewelry that expresses the beautiful costume of "Fleur de Lis" as it is.

It is a point that is consistent with any jewelry, which is wrapped in a highly elegant atmosphere.

"Fleur de Squirrel" The image of the motif itself is not broken, and it is more beautiful and crumbled and finished in a mysterious shining design.

Watch the jewelry of "Fleur de Lis" symbolizing tradition and type, which has been used as a royal emblem, and aiming for a daily fashion?

You should surely satisfy the beautiful design that humanity's history created.

"Fleur de squirrel" that can be fascinated by his elegant, honoring heighthttps://zocalo.jp/collections/fleur-de-lis