Set of guardian deities by Sanskrit and Oriental zodiac (Sanskrit Guardian Godes)

Before explaining the collection of the Guardian Guardian Gods, I would like to briefly explain the Sanskrit characters.

Bonji 'is a term used to describe' Sanskrit ' (Sanskrit), which was developed as a character in ancient India.In Japan, it is often referred to as 'Shittan characters,' and it is said that it was introduced to Japan via China in the middle of the sixth century.

In Japan, it was introduced as a Buddhist 'Shinbutsu' as a character in a single letter, and it is said that Kukai systematized it.The Sanskrit character ' is treated equally as a Buddha statue, Buddhist altar fittings, and sutras.Regrettably, 'Sanskrit characters' in India and China have been abolished, and they are mainly used in Japan alone.

As mentioned above, 'Sanskrit' has the meaning of 'Shinbutsu as a single letter' in addition to its meaning as a letter.This means that 'Sanskrit' itself represents God.Each of the 'bonji' (Brahma), one of them, symbolizes the different gods.For example, the Sanskrit character called "Kirik" refers to "Senju Kannon Bosatsu," and the Sanskrit name "Tarak" is called "kannon."Kokuzo BosatsuIt also refers to '. 'It means' Bonji = God. '

Another letter is 'Bonji,' which is determined by the Oriental zodiac (the Chinese zodiac).For example, in the year of the year of 'Kiriku,' the Sanskrit character 'Ushi-nen' is a Sanskrit character called 'teraku ' (a term used to refer to a character).

In the above-mentioned example, the Sanskrit character year of the year of the year "Kirik" is "Kirik," and the Sanskrit character "Kirik" refers to "Senju Kannon Bosatsu" (Thousand-Kannon Bodhisattva).When explained easily, it is described as ' Child Year (Chinese zodiac) = Kirik (Senju Kannon Bodhisattva). 'Thus, the Sanskrit character (God) is different according to each Oriental zodiac.The god of Sanskrit, which is his own Oriental zodiac, becomes the 'Morigokami' for him.

The Sunkrit Guardian Goddess Collection of the "Socalo" is the Sanskrit Guardian Goddess Collection, which has dropped the set of the Oriental zodiac and Bonji (God) to Juelie's design.

The silver 925 circular frame has the meaning of "forever" and "longevity", and has been engraved with the "Ivy", which has been revered as a symbol of "life force" and "continuity".A bronze coin was distributed to the center of the painting, with a "Bonji" on one side, and "Oriental zodiac" on one side and a detailed engraving.

It is a remarkable work that the Sanskrit character (Shugoshin) can be attached at the same time by the hands of Juelie, who is depicted in the Oriental zodiac, as well.Why don't you try to keep your own fashion as a good juelly-colored jewelry, and as a good guard?

guardian deity of Sanskrit characters: Sanskrit Guardian Goddess Collection