What is "Dorge / Dorje": "Incorporating the good power of the sky", "crushing annoyance", and "protecting people"

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It is the name of a tool used in Tibetan esotericism, and is also called "Dorje" in Tibetan, but in Sanskrit, a standard sentence of ancient India, "Vajura (Vajura (" Vajura.Vajra)"It is called.

"Doje" isIncorporate the good power of the skyCrush the annoyanceProtect the person you haveIt has been used as an important tool since ancient times.

Originally, it is a lightning doll that Indra, which appears in ancient Indian mythology, and a weapon that symbolizes the Raiden, which is a Tibetan Buddhism all sect, and as a tool for some Japanese Buddhist religions. It is now used. In Europe and the United States, it is also called "Thunderbolt", and in Japan it is called "Dorje" or "Kongo".

Basically, the center is in the center, and the sharp part of both ends is a spear blade. Also, the name differs depending on the number of blades, and the blade1Book = Dokkoki, blade3Book = Sanko pepper, blade5It is called a book = gokko, and there are many other types.

In the old days, it is also drawn in the famous Kukai portrait. Doge is also held in the hand of the "Kongo Rikiki statue", which is often seen at the entrance of the temple. In fact, the "Kongo Rikiki statue" means "Vajura (Vajura)" in Sanskrit. "Dara)" means. Doget is also depicted in the national emblem of the Bhutan Kingdom, which is the national religion of Tibetan esotericism.

The instruments that have been protected and revered without disappearing in the ancient Indian mythology, the Tibetan Buddhism all sect, and some of the Japanese Buddhist religions are Doge.

In "Sokaro", jewelry with various designs bearing "Doje" is being developed.

"Tibetan Dragon Dolee", "Bird Doge", "Crown Doje" and "" "7Why don't you look closely at the designs and charms of all Doge, which is being developed in Sokaro, such as Point Doge.


Tibetan Dragon Dorje
A delicate but strong and beautiful series that combines a dragon face transmitted to Tibet on the four sides heading to the tiphttps://zocalo.jp/collections/tibetan-dragon-dorje


Bird Dorje
Birddo -Dole Series engraved a bird (bird: Eagle) that controls the eyes of foresight and is engraved with that power.


The konoki club, like the crown (CROWN), which is composed of a flowing song, is on a beautiful mirror. An adult jewelry series without even saying the precise carving unique to ZOCALO



All Dorje / Vajra Designs