ZOCALO piercing is tough

Piercing, when I made it, I was a selection of over 90 part numbers.

ZOCALO will expand the item from there when the design concept is decided.

When I tried to start a jewelry business, there is a time when I talked to people from various accessories and jewelry companies. The advice that I want to be the most likely among them is "I hope it will be a unified item series if the motif is decided".
When I can pick up my neck, my finger around, surroundings around my ears. If it is a woman, it is a hairline and a mens, if used in parts, a bag, a wallet.
If you keep making a series of atmosphere, the earrings around the ears are also 90 kinds of earlings. It was a beautiful collection that can support customers. Thank you.
The design concept is less likely to start with ears, so it gets smaller and dense design even if it gets smaller. Catch is also original ivy (mush pattern).
Collection of ZOCALO's earrings (EAR STUD).
Please check the collection page.
Pierce when I get lost with GIFT. Let's open it if there is no hole!