a small but beautiful bracelet

A bracelet using Dorje, which is also the main motif of ZOCALO.
Mini Bird Dorje Bracelet, a beautiful size and beautiful size, is a minivard dage bracelet.

Dorje is one of the main tools of the Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism.It is also referred to as Kongosho.It may be more likely that the images are more likely to be connected to religion or something, but ZOCALO makes it a lovely thing.

It is a design that is easily familiar to the arm, which is connected by a small doge with three circular parts.The part of the lock is also used by the bird (Eagle).

It is a bracelet that was worn by XIA JUNSU (Sihansu) on the Intoxication PV when the XIA JUNSU made her solo debut after the dissolution of the "East" group.

Women, slender men in the arms are 18cm, and a typical male size is 20cm tall.


Mini Bird Daugé Breathlet: 18cm

Mini Bird Daugé Breathlet: L:20 cm