to wear it.

What is the meaning of the motif?

I tried to consider it a little seriously.


Accessories=TrinketsThe history is long.

Originally, it was said that it was the beginning of carrying around things with magical power to protect yourself from external enemies, and it had a strong magical connotation.

From there, the ruler class was born and began to wear it to show off the height of his own status, and eventually, as religion developed, it progressed to a new stage.

In accordance with the faith, the cross for the purpose of connecting with God, and the jito and hisen that Bodhisattvas wear, etc. are diversified.

From animal teeth and fangs, nuts and flowers to gold and silver, a variety of materials have been used.These phenomena can be seen all over the world, and jewelry such as earpieces and bracelets have already been seen in Japan since the Jomon period.

And modern.

People wear accessories purely as part of fashion, apart from their original purpose.

But the underlyingWish”“Prayer”“Self-defenseRather, people who wear accessories seek meaning in their own interpretation more strongly in their daily lives.

On the other hand, what about the makers?
Making hand sideThey also put a message on the accessories more strongly than other fashion items.While imagining the person to wear, while imagining their life, life, put the soul there.That is why motifs in accessories have an important meaning.Think, worry, and create in order to blend the balance of fashion elements and spiritual elements at a high level.

The picture is a Buddhist instrument of Tibetan Esoteric BuddhismDozier。It is also called vajra in Hinduism and vajra in Buddhism, but it is said that it has the power to break down worldly desires and overcome difficulties and walls, and it is also the only self-defense tool allowed in non-war Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism.

And thisDozierIt is also the main motif known without saying of the familiar accessory brand"Zocalo"in this magazine.the zocalo、DozierHe is strongly attracted to the background of his work, and from there he creates with his own sensibilities, and creates many masterpieces by combining fashion elements.

"Double Dozer""Wheel Dozer""Dagger Dozer" "Cartika Dozer"」...these are developing in zocalo.DozierIt is only a small part of the work of the motif.

You can see how ZOCALO has a passion for this motif and values it.And thisDozierThe fact that the motif works are loved and supported by many enthusiastic fans embodies the ideal type of accessory, where the feelings of the wearer themselves and the feelings of the maker for the person who wears them are synchronized.

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