Dogger of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism


Dorje is the name of a legal tool used in Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism, and is called "Dorje" in Tibetan, but in Sanskrit, the standard writing language of ancient India, it is called the "Vajra".

Dauge has been used as an important legal tool since it was known as "capturing the good forces of the sky", "crushing earthly desires," and "protecting the people of the world."

Originally, it was described as a weapon to symbolize the thunderstorms that Indra god makes in the mythology of ancient India, and the weapon symbolizing the Raiden (thunder), and it came to be used as a ritual tool of some schools of Japanese Buddhism, for all the sects of Tibetan Buddhism.In the United States and Europe, it is also called "sandbolt", and in Japan, it is called "Dorje" or "Kongosho."

Basically, a fine crafter was placed in the center, and the sharp part of both ends is believed to be the blade of a spear.In addition, the name differs according to the number of blades, called "Dokkosho," with three blades, three blades, five blades, and five-pronged pestles, and there are many other types of the blade.

In the old days, it is depicted in the famous portraits of "Kukai".Also, it is also known as Dogger that the statue of Kongo Rikishi, which is often seen at the entrance to the temple, is held in the hands of the statue of Kongo Rikishi.The word 'statue of Kongo Rikishi' means'a person with a vajra (Vajra dala)' in Sanskrit.Dogger is also depicted in the national emblem of the Kingdom of Bhutan, the only state religion of the Tibetan esoteric Buddhism.

In ancient Indian mythology, all sects of Tibetan Buddhism, and some sects of Japanese Buddhism, the ritual implements that have been respected and respected and respected and revered by ancient times are called Doges.

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