The symbol of the immortality and the rebirth symbol, the Uroboros.

"Uroboros" is a symbol of a snake or dragon that is a ring in which its tail is pouring and is called a ring.

The Greek, "Ouroboros = tail", was widely used in the ancient world.

The "snake" of "snake" is often used as a symbol of "death and rebirth" or "immortality" because of its strong mentality, which can withstand large growth and endure long starvation.

The "snake" has been used as a symbol of "complete and endless" or "permanent periodic replay" by eating its own tail.Incidentally, the symbol of "snake" itself appears in many myths of the world, from Australia's indigenous peoples to the ancient India and the European language.

In the sense of "uurobolos", "snakes", the symbol of "death and rebirth," and "immortality," are often used, while "dragon" is often used in design.The word "dragon" also has positive implications, especially in the Orient and China, and has been revered since ancient times as a lucky charmment.

In Chinese mythology, "Dragon" has various roles.Since "Dragon" is very clever, and symbolizes the goodness of the heavens, it is regarded as a "good living thing that brings good luck.""Dragon" is also a symbol of fertility.

"ZOCALO" is the symbol of the positive meaning of "snake" and "dragon", which has been used since ancient times, and the symbol of the "permanent periodic regeneration".It is a collection of Ouroboros (Ouroboros) that fused and shaped in a "sokaro" interpretation.

It is a delicate and overwhelming form of artificial beauty, such as the elaborate scales texture, and the Arabesque pattern carved into the inner part of the body, with a vibrating expression.

As the recent announcement, it is now the most elite in the ring and pendant, but it is also expected to expand Jueley's category as soon as the design is fixed.

a mysterious positive symbol (Orobolos) that has been handed down from the old times.Would you like to capture an Ouroboros (ulobolos) collection of "permanent periodic replays" as a silvereery that sits on a daily fashion, or as a defense for your body?