Bird Dorje Pendant: Bird Dogger Pendant

Dogger of Buddhism, Dorje.In English, it is referred to as Dorje or Vajra.It is also called five-pronged pestles or vajra in Japan.The five-pronged penis is the number of rectangular and quadruped rectangular parts that stretke from the side.

It's said that after the lightning struck, it was made on the ground.The power of the sky could be gathered together, and it would have been to say that it must be exorcating various bad things.


In Buddhism, there is a philosophy called 'Ahimsa ' (not fighting).The shape of this dager is the best way to hold the clap in the middle, but it doesn't use it for that.It's a "war."It is a weapon that the Buddha does not allow.Dogger, which collects the power of the sky and exorts evil spirits.

This Bird Dogger carved the eagle, a bird that looked at the sky from the sky in the side.

It's more like a silver accessory.I think it's Juelly, which is a lovely amulant to be worn.

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