The rose of an adult who is not too sweet to the one of the flowers

Rose (Rose) is a collection series of "socalo" which adopted "Rose" of the plant as motif.

The word "Rose" is different depending on the color and the number of the tree, and it is different depending on the custom which is transmitted to the country and the region, and the word "love" and "beauty" are typical of the rose word.

The history of the "Rose" is a long history of the history of mankind, and the oldest one is said to be "Gilgamesh Lyric" in ancient Babylonia. In addition, there are four wild roses in the ancient Orient area around 1500 BC, and it is said that some varieties were born by crossing, and it is said to have been introduced to ancient Rome after the Greek era, and it became established in European culture.

As the indispensable plants for the human race, the value of more than the ornaments has been found, from the royal family and the nobility to the common people, and has been kept important. It is said that he was loved by gods appearing in mythology and great people who left their names in history, and there are many anecdotes about roses. In addition, a rose appears in many of the works which are said to be masterpieces of historical painters and literary gossip. Thus, "Rose" in Japan is often regarded as a plant, but "Rose" in the west is more than a plant.

In the record which is left as an anecdote in old times, "Rose" is often used to "entertain" important guests and people. Following the Convention of historyBing: socaloIt may be good to present "Rose" jewelry to an important person.

In the rose (Rose) collection developed in "zokaro: socalo", various jewelry, such as pendant, ring, pierce, bracelet, are developed. It is the expression of "Rose" which is not too sweet to stick to the one of the flower villas. It is the perfume of the atmosphere of the adult which made the impression of the rose strong and strong to the material feeling of silver and exquisite cool down.

The Cleopatra of Ptolemaic Egypt is said to have loved the rose. The French emperor, Josephine Bonaparte's empress, Josephine, also loved the rose. As a gift to rose and jewellery and loved ones that have been loved by many great men, why don't you take it as a symbol of love and beauty that you make up for yourself?