The beauty of the 'Mugal Empire' that flourished in Islam.

"Islamic" is a collection series that is inspired by the culture that pursues the beauty of the "Mugal Empire" and is described through a filter called "Socalo".
The "Mugal Empire" was an empire that flourished in India from 1526 to 1857, and created architecture and art forms that fused the style of India, Islam and the Persians.The emperor of the "Mugal Empire" is a great artist of the arts and has produced a number of historical works of art.
Many of the remains of the "Mugal Empire" have been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.Many are aware of the "Taj Mahal," the "Argus Fortress," "Fatele Secret," "Red Castle", "Humayun's Tomb" and "Lahore Ford".These historic buildings are so high that they are described as "a gemstone of the Muslim art of India and one of the world's most celebrated masterpieces" as a World Heritage.
The rings and bracelets that are deployed in the "Socalo" collection are designed to be inspired by the "Lahore Castle", one of the buildings designated as the World Heritage Site.
The magnificent "Lahore" (Lahore Ford) has vast grounds, including royal palaces, royal palaces, royal palaces, royal palaces, and audience with beautiful mural paintings and reliefs, and a vast amount of marble and jewelry.It is a cultural heritage that symbolizes the era of the "Mugal Empire," which is a far-right honor.
It is a collection of Islamic (Islamic) collections of 'Sokaro', which is dedicated to the culture, beautiful arts and historical relics left behind by the "Mugal Empire".
It is characterized by a classic Jewelry style followed by a bold, boldly-styled design.The ring is led by many of the claims of Stone's beautiful brilliance, such as pendant, broth, and piercing, and many of the claims are plaulted.
The sparkly design reminiscent of the jewelry (Jewelry) that the royal family and noblemen loved, is that it is now fresh, and it can enjoy Julie's charm.
Would you like to wear a collection of Islamic (Islamic) collections with men, women, Julie, or even Julie, which is not affected by the epidemic?


Islamic Jewelry Collection