Life power and continuation symbol "Ivy"

"Ivy" refers to the plants' 蔦 (ツ), and the formal Japanese name is "Sayoki Ta (Western Tree)". The scientific name is called Hedera Helix.

The name "Hedera Helix", "Hedera Helix", "Heraere (Haerere," of Latin "and Greek" HEDRA (Leaf, Leaf) "is derived from the origin. Also, "Helix" means "twist, helical". North Africa, Europe, Asia, etc. I have been sick.

Plants are subject to faith, and have been believed as Holyuki. Mother is often linked to the cycle of mother and life.

According to the literature, "Ivy" is mainly linked to "immortal death", and Egyptian Aolisys is said to have been engaged in "Ivy" wound wand as a symbol of virtue. In addition, it means fame in the ancient Greek urban nation and sparta, and the crown of "Ivy" was given to athletes.

"Ivy", which is the vitality required to maintain life as plants, excellent, cold resistance, heat resistant, and without wither, "Ivy", "Ivy", "Eternity" "immortal" "longevity" Have been revered as a symbol of "vitality" and "continuity". The habit of coloring the outer wall of home or building with lys is also included such as such a meaning.

In addition, it has always been lush and grilled, strong vitality that has no dead, and a strong tie-like connection, has a meaning of "friendship" and "love", and has also been used as a symbol of "eternal love" "honesty" . Plants that symbolize eternal love are also used for wedding floral ornaments and bouquets.

It is an Ivy (Ivy) collection of "Sokaro" that is expressing such "Ivy" with a more beautiful and insistedy touching touch.

The beauty specific to Silver is expressed in a driven mirror surface, combining with a three-dimensional and precise modeling iby, and the strength and moderate power strength are superimposed. Several thickness, it is finished in adult humories.

In addition, a "Ivy" covering the outer wall is also a "Sokaro" that is also a "Sokaro" approach to the "Ivy", which is to dig on the back of the ring and bangle.

A wide range of jewelry is developed, including rings, bangles, piercings, wallet chains, and so on. In addition, there are many jewelry incorporated by "Ivy", casually, as a side of the main motif.

Of course to wear your own growth, it is a "meaningful" jewelry that is the best "meaningful" as a gift to give friends, family and lovers.