The Eye of Providence, 'The Eye of Providence,' which looks at all things.


Often this distinctive symbol is often tied to a secret society or conspiracy theory.Do you know, however, that it is an interesting and interesting symbol that has no knowledge of history and meaning?

The "eye" of Eye of Providence (Eye of Providence) is a direct translation of the "Eye of Providence" to the Japanese.

The word "Providence" refers to the concept of "everything is happening with the care of God" in Christianity, and is often translated as "providence" or "divine will" in Japanese.In other words, the "eye" of "Providence" is considered to be "an eye for all", "an eye for all things," and "the eyes that God can see all."


The "Eye of Providence" as a symbol has originated in ancient Mesopotamian and ancient Egypt in the millennium BC, and has been used as a symbol of the concept of the Trinity of Christianity since the Middle Ages during the Renaissance period.

 It is still used in the back of the emblem of the United States, as well as the United States-1 dollar bill, with the design of the "eye of Providence", as well as other historical cathedrals by countries, the emblem of the town, the emblem of universities, and the design of the currency.Also, the symbol of the American Information Agency (IAO), which existed in the past, was also used in the "Providence's Eye".


It is a mysterious symbol that has a long history and is a symbol of many meanings, and is also used as a public symbol mark of the United States, and is linked to a secret society and conspiracy theories.


It is the Eye of Providence collection that she dropped into Juelly through the eyes of the "Socalo" designer, which was wrapped in such a strange energy.

In the "ZOCALO: Socalo," the interpretation of "ZOCALO," which was designed to protect the human race from different dimensions, such as religion, thought, politics, and culture, was designed to be a "eye-eye view of all-noh-nodding," which was designed to protect the human race from a different dimension.

He has developed a wide variety of designs with the eye of Providence, ranging from design to straight, to an expression that has been captured without a touch.The ring is led by various categories of jewelry, such as pendant, piercing, and bunggles.

"ZOCALO: Socalo"Please focus on the Eye of Providence collection that you want to deploy.