Sometimes, let' s turn the fangs to yourself.

I like fossils of the skull of the Saber Toothed Tiger.An unbelievable tusk is charming.There is a trace of a mammoth that was captured with only one mammoth during the ice age.I made this series, thinking of courage and courage to stand up without fear of the other.

They dug up Arabesk (Ivy), which is visible in Inyang (yin yang) at the root of the fangs, and the part of the chain, which is a chain, was rotated.The number of parts is going to grow, and you're in trouble.It's not hard to rotate it so that it rotates.The good craftsman doesn't have to pay his rent.

When the top wrestling chain is aligned with a long-running necklace chain, it is sometimes lightly chicken and strawning.You would say that you look at fangs as well.

` Are you doing it properly? '
"Don't you have any envy?"
"Aren't you going to be weak?"

I'm going to think of something.Once in a while, let' s turn on the fangs, too.Let' s have a quitch.