ZOCALO Harajuku everyday life

Introducing the scenery inside the ZOCALO Harajuku store.

First of all, the moment when Ganesha, who can only be seen on a sunny day, has a very godly light.

And God is in the furniture.

Inside the store, you can see ZOCALO silver accessories on a full line while being watched by Buddha and Ganesha.

At night, Tibetan Monk Skull and Ganesha, who are brilliantly brilliant, become very beautiful.

It is a shop where you can quietly and slowly shop in Harajuku, a fashion town of various genres, from high brands to old clothes, American casual, and streets.

ZOCALO jewelry is displayed in a full lineup,You can relax while relaxing in a spacious 80 square meter store.

There are not so many shops with such unique and cool silver accessories.

Please come to see the special collections ⭐️


3-21-19 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Jingumae T Building 2F
Regular holiday / Wednesday * Open on holidays

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