Beyond the Spacetime: reckoning into contention
Fine art

The culture, the art, and the religious style cultivated in the long history of the human race are revived in Mota. It is no exaggeration to say that the delicate work carved into the pocket is just a modern craft.


Look at excellence
Shrubs of the East and West

The culture of the whole world cultivated in the history of the human race, especially the art and the motif of the religion are interpreted in modern interpretation. The sense of conscience and Larry and the craftsmen of craftsmanship

The main theme of "socalo's jewelry" is the history of art and the concept of Takara, the designer of the art sect, which creates a unique art that reflects the present. Each one boasts a high degree of perfection by a tight technique, but there is nothing to appeal to the instinct in the depths of man, not just beauty and solemnity on the surface, but this is because socalo is supported by many people.