Tibetan Dragon Dorje & Bell Case



チベタン dragon doge & bell case

There is sometimes the thing which I want to make without the mind that a thing not to understand came out (laugh) and sells, but the case to put this doge and bell in is somewhat one.

Dorje and Bell with the role that is important in Tibet esoteric Buddhism in the middle of a ceremony. It is this case which I put two and can wear as a pendant.

It is チベタン dragon doge and チベタン dragon bell that I can set it inside. These two are settled neatly.

The case is made by bronze. Double doge of the silver is fitted in both sides.

Dorje (doge) attracts the good power of the heavens and regards misfortune as worldly desires, and it is said that I purify environment by the sound and fix Bell (bell).

I did not mean to sell, but am sometimes popular for some reason (laugh)

It is a price only for Case.

Chain separate sale
An image use necklace:Mini Bird Dorje Necklace

Tibetan Dragon Dorje & Bell Case
W30mm H57mm 58.8g

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