Tibetan Dragon Double Dorje Cross : (L)



チベタン dragon double doge cross pendant top (L)

It is the pendant which let I cross a dragon face on four sides toward the tip, and a cross design do みんだ doge including it. It is ivy of the ZOCALO pride to longish parts comprised of the aspect that I did tight: On the みを case cross which I dig it, and includes it of the ivy design. It is a design not to be able to make when it is not ソカロ. Design the dragon face which is Tibet on a part through the chain; movable with a spring; do it.

Chain separate sale
An image use necklace:Mini Bird Dorje Necklace

Tibetan Dragon Double Dorje Cross : (L)
W37mm H86mm

[formally] ソカロオンラインショップ
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