Skulls pendant top: (Kiriku / 戌 / · 如)



Kiriku:Amida's comedy (Amida):戌 (No no) / Nunshi

Eye Bonze coin squeezed bronze coin engraved on each side with iby pattern silver 925 frame.

Kiriku: 戌Year andNorth-northwestYear guardian God:Amida's comedy (Amida)

Even if you do not know Mr. Amida, there are many people who know Nami Amida Buddha? Southless (Namu) isThe pronunciation in India is a kanji and it means to ask. In other words, I would like to thank Amitaba-sama in "South Anoma Buddha".

Please ask what kind of god who asks the Muro Muro, is a god who carries a circular land. It seems that people have an incompletary fortune of the people from distracting people and bringing forever peace. .

Chain sold separately
Image use necklace:Anchor Square Necklace (L)

Skulls pendant top: (Kiriku / 戌 / · 如)

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PS:Current wound licks are generally started with a vertical line of the number of people and starting with some horizontal lines in the form of Hashigo. Although the history of the area lottery was old, it is said to have been conducted from the Muromachi era, but the area around that time was different from the present, and it was common to draw radiation in radiation from the center. Since this shape is similar to the rear light behind Amida, it became called anami lottery. By the way, the seaweed lottery writes "Amida" in kanji.

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