Sanskrit Guardian Goddess Pendant : (Tarak: Ox/Tiger, Ku Kokuuzou Bosatsu) 梵字守護神ペンダント : (タラーク・丑/寅・虚空蔵菩薩)



Tarak : Bodhisattva of the Emptiness : 

Ox / Tiger (Year of the Ox / Year of the Tiger)

This Sanskrit pendant is set in an ivy-patterned 925 silver frame with a bronze coin with Sanskrit characters and the Chinese zodiac engraved on each side.

The patron deity of the Year of the Ox and the Year of the Tiger: Bodhisattva Void Sky (Tarak).

The word "虚空蔵:Ku Ku Zang" refers to the storehouse of infinite compassion and wisdom.

The Bodhisattva of Emptiness is the Bodhisattva who grants people's wishes by taking them out of the storehouse of emptiness. Sounds like Doraemon^_^.

Necklace with Image:Anchor Square Necklace (L)

Sanskrit Pendant Top : (Tarak, Ox/Tiger, Bodhisattva of the Emptiness)

W36mm H23mm


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