Herringbone Necklace (M)

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Herringbone necklace (M)

Is used for the straight place name of the tweed; pass; phosphorus Vaughn: Herringbone.
"Herring" = "herring", "Bone" = "bone."
It is said that there was this name by resembling the small bone of the opened herring.

It is the necklace which knit a line of thin silver to describe V in square shape inward. The necklace of ZOCALO is not spread in the fashion; there are many 使 っていただけるで designs for a long time, but this herringbone neck is one, too.

The pet name with the doge of the masterpiece series of ソカロ is perfect. I make the curve of soft U character from the characteristic of the chain at the time of wearing. The affinity with an antique cross is the necklace chain which is distinguished almighty.

The design of the stop tab is elaborate, too. It is Lock with a bird, an eagle (eagle) looking around all by overlook from the high sky as a motif. I adopt a push-style function to the inside. It is a spring case and finish to be possible only in expert craftsmen.


  • Materials Silver 925
  • Chain W 2.4mm


  • 40cm : 16inch  ¥14,300
  • 45cm : 18inch  ¥15,400
  • 50cm : 20inch  ¥16,500
  • 60cm : 24inch  ¥18,700




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