Harmonica Pendant: Tibetan Monk Skull



Harmonica Pendant Top (Tibetan Monk Skull)

A new pendant appears from ZOCALO! !

It is a harmonica pendant that actually makes a sound! !
With the motif of the scales of the bodily Buddhist equipment transmitted to the Tibet, the presence of brass combination is a presence.For a finish that combines elegance.
The reality of Tibetan Monk Skull has increased its presence.

In addition, the back side is a luxurious pendant with the eyes of the "versatile and almighty eyes" professional videos.

The whole is a ZOCALO silver jewelry that carves the beautiful ivy pattern of Sokaro, which is the eternal symbol of friendship and affection, and is concerned about the details.

Sold separately
Image used necklaceAnchor Square Necklace (L)

Harmonica Pendant: Tibetan Monk Skull

Silver / Brass
H48mm W15mm D18mm

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