Box Chain Necklace

SKU: ZNLS0012-40


Box chain necklace (S)

ZOCALO's necklace is not going to be popular, and there's a lot of design that you can use for a long time,Box chain necklace (S)is one of them.

A 1.3mm square box was combined with a small pendant, a small pendant, a necklace that was very fond of the charm.

The design of fasteners is also elaborate.A fire bird that is also used on the sailing of a royal ship in Thailand: The Lock is the image of Suphannahong (spun nong phone).It is the size of a thin chain used by women, and uses push-style functions in the belly of fingers to ensure that they do not harm the Nile.It is only a skilled artisan who can only make the banners and finish them.

It was used for finishing the antique (smoked) finish.

  • Material: Silver 925
  • Chain Width: 1.3mm
  • 40cm: 16inch \8,800
  • 45cm: 18inch \9,350
  • 50 cm: 20inch \9,900

Please select the length of your choice.

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