Anchor Square Necklace (M)

SKU: ZNLS0004-40


Anchor Squire Necklace

Cut the edge, the edge of the angular Azuki with a slightly thick (3mm wide) angle is the chain.It's a classic design, but it's fascinating.It's a necklace that is easy to fit on most pendant tops.

Anchor (anchor) refers to an anchor to be used when connecting a ship.This is an angular nick-shaped necklace that has the same shape as a strong chain connecting the anchor and the ship.I have a 16-meter face to get to the corner.

The ZOCALO necklace is a long and unpopular design, but this is also one of the anchor necklaces.

The design of fasteners is also elaborate.This is a lock on the motif of an eagle, a bird that passes everything from a high sky to everything in a bird's-eye view.You are adopting a push-to-medium function.It is only a skilled artisan who can only make the banners and finish them.

an antique (smoked) finish

  • Material: Silver 925
  • Chain Width: 3mm


  • 40cm: 16inch \12,100
  • 45cm: 18inch \12,650
  • 50 cm: 20inch ¥ 13,200
  • 60cm: 24inch \14,300

Choose your preferred length from the size pull down.



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