A spell "to disappear a bad thing, and to disappear" in "ABRACADABRA."
Disappear; a corona. A good thing comes.
It is the jewelry which I made with such thought.

It is a symbol of the existence that transcended religion thought to give an order for an epidemic, a bad thing; "Eye of Providence :" Eyes of Providence. Collect the power of the heavens on the back side, and swing a wicked thing; "Dorje :" It is bronze in doge. Indeed, it is an appearance of the jewelry which is ZOCALO.
It is a carved seal of BBB Good Things Coming on the side. BBB = good-bye being bad

SIZE:H60mm W26mm
Weight :17.6g
Material:Silver, Bronze

It has been handed down as a lucky charm that the lucky charm which this "ABRACADABRA" words were written prevented a disease for centuries and gave.
As for these strange words, the meaning "disappear like these words" with a thing derived from "Abbada Ke Dabra" of ancient Babylonia.
Again the Jewish scholar of the cabala group Hebrew as the origin the Trinity: I suggest that I express father (horsefly), a child (Ben), an apparition of a living person (Rourke アカダク) and do it when these words function as a lucky charm having the power that protects the body from a demon.

I begin with perfect words "ABRACADABRA" in appearances and drop one character  when it falls one, and only only finally one A stays. It means that a bad thing does not disappear with the phenomenon of words.

Beautiful lucky charm collections to put on in the body of ZOCALO increased again.

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