ABRACADABRA" - For centuries, amulets with these words on them have been passed down as lucky charms to ward off illness.

The strange words are said to be derived from the ancient Babylonian "Abbada Ke Dabra," meaning "Be gone like these words.

Starting with the perfect word "abracadabra" at the top, one line down, one letter is dropped, and at the end only one A remains. It means that along with the phenomenon of the word, bad things disappear and disappear.

The Eye of Providence: a symbol of a being that transcends religious thought, gives orders against the plague, the bad thing. On the reverse side is a bronze "Dorje" that gathers the power of the sky to ward off evil.

On the side is engraved "BBB Good Things Coming" (BBB : Bye Bye Bad things=Bye Bye Bad things).

SIZE : H60mm W26mm
Weight : 17.6g
Material : Silver, Bronze

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