7-Point Double Dorje: Necklace Chain Set

SKU: TPDS-0389-ANCH-M-40


DORJE is a Tibetan esoteric Buddhist Dharma tool, also called "Vajra".

The 7-pointed Doge takes the good forces of the universe and gathers the power to himself.It protects the bearer by shattering afflictions.

This unique pendant is a fusion of Oriental and European Gothic design, sublimated into a cross with an edgy, sharp, and original design that is different from other Doge's. The pendant combines presence and elegance.

It is an accessory that combines presence and elegance.

Beautiful amulet to wear.

Necklace set: Anchor Square Necklace (M)

W45mm H55mm

Official ZOCALO Online Shop
Official ZOCALO Online Shop


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