Mini bird Dorje

SKU: TNLS0050-40


Mini bar Dodger Necklace

It is a necklace using a very beautiful design chain which connected small Dogger with three pairs of rings.

The nickname of socalo's representative series is big. Creates a soft U-curve when worn from the characteristic of chain.

There is an atmosphere and existence in wearing the necklace without wearing the top.

The design of the fastener is also good. It is a lock with the motif of a bird and Eagle (Eagle) that overlooks everything from a high sky with a bird's-eye view. Push type function is adopted. It is a spring insert and finishing only skilled craftsman.

This is the model of the wearing of Suhara.


  • Material silver925
  • Chain w   Retaining ring w7m x1.2 mm


  • 40 cm   ¥ 45000
  • 45 cm   ¥ 49500
  • 50 cm   ¥ 50000
  • 60 cm   ¥ 60000
Choose your preferred length.



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