SKU: ZNLS0002-40


Herringbone Necklace (s)
Zlls 0002

It is a thin herringbone necklace with 1.7 mm width.

Herringbone: you can hear the words of herringbone.It is said that this name has been named because it resembles a fine bone of herring (bone) and open herring. It is a necklace which knitted the thin silver line to the inside to the V as a string. The necklace of the Zocalo is not used in the fashion for a long time, and the design is many, and this herringbone neck is one of them.

The nickname of socalo's representative work series is duchy. Creates a soft U-curve when worn from the characteristic of chain. This is a chain necklace with Almighty necklace.

The design of the fastener is also good. A bird of fire used on the sails of Thailand's Royal ships:SuphannahongIt is the lock which imagined the spinner pen. The push type function is adopted in the belly of the finger which does not damage the rail with the size that fits the thin chain of women that can be used. It is a spring insert and finishing only skilled craftsman.


  • Material silver925
  • Chain w 1.7 mm


  • 40 cm   ¥ 110000
  • 45 cm   ¥ 11550
  • 50 cm   ¥ 12, 100
  • 60 cm   ¥ 13200

Choose your preferred length.



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