Anchor Square Necklace (S)

SKU: ZNLS0005A-40


This is a slightly thicker (2.3mm width) neck chain with cut edges. It is a classic design, but that is the charm of this necklace. This necklace is easy to match with most pendant tops.

Anchor" refers to an anchor used to moor a ship. This is a square azuki-shaped necklace with the same shape as the strong chain that connects the anchor to the ship. The 16m face is chamfered to remove the corners.

ZOCALO necklaces are often designed to be used for a long time without being out of fashion, and this anchor necklace (S) is one of them.

The design of the clasp is also elaborate. The lock is based on the image of Suphannahong, a firebird that is used as a sail tip for the royal ships of Thailand. It is sized to fit the thin chains often used by women, and has a push-finger function to prevent damage to the nails. The spring insertion and finishing can only be done by skilled craftsmen.

Antique (smoked) finish.

Anchor Square Necklace (S)

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