Anchor Square Necklace (L)

SKU: ZNLS0015-45


This is a thick (4mm wide) square azuki neck chain with cut edges. The classic design is attractive. It is a great necklace for slightly larger pendant tops.

Anchor is an anchor used to tie up a ship. This square azuki-shaped necklace has the same shape as the strong chain that connects the anchor to the ship. It is chamfered on 16 sides to remove the corners.

ZOCALO necklaces are often designed to be used for a long time and never go out of style, and this anchor necklace (L) is one of them.

The clasp is also elaborately designed. The powerful and beautiful Dragon: Dragon's head is the motif of the lock. It has a push inside function. The spring insertion and finishing can only be done by a skilled craftsman. It is cool and beautiful even when worn only with the chain.

Antique (smoked) finish

Anchor Square Necklace (M)

45cm : 18inch  ¥17,600
50cm : 20inch  ¥18,700
60cm : 24inch  ¥20,900

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