ZOCALO: Lhasa Ring

Lhasa is the old city of Tibet, which was established in the 7th century.
DORJE, the main motif of ZOCALO, is one of the Tibet Buddhism tools based in this city.
A ring with  elegant design with a dorje (vajra) on a special cut onyx with a curved surface.

Lhasa ring


With Dorje, a Tibetan esoteric tool that gathers power from the sky, cuts off the annoyance, and protects the owner.

It is a ZOCALO ring with an onyx, which is said to be a negative spirit, bounce back the malice from others, such as jealousy and jealousy, protects the owner, and prevents being involved in trouble.

The 1959 years are the birth of a Sokaro designer, and the double dawn engraved on the side is also one point ZOCALO college college ring (high school ring).

The three -dimensional foundation is unique, but the elegant atmosphere and the cool presence are cool silver accessories.

ZOCALO's silver accessories are developing with the hope that all jewelry has a positive and positive meaning, and if you can wear a better life and future.

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