Pattern of flowers and ZOCALO shooting

Image shooting of ZOCALO in 2020 is decided to flower.
In the case of shooting, environment making is important.

Since the back was black, it starts with setting a big velvet exactly.
It will be quite heavy if you have a long and width. If you don't get caught up at both ends, it will fall later because it falls later.
Photographer Fukushima-san, Assistant Yamada's exquisite combination.
Yamada-san is full of watching in the middle. It looks like a god.
I also prepared such things to use for some images of flowers and ZOCALO.
Tekjo net. What Made in Thailand. I was happy because I could not go on a business trip in Corona (laughs)
It is hard because it is hard to hold more than I thought Ironjet.
Mr. Tomoya, Mr. Tomoya, Mr. Tomoya, Mr. Tomoya, Mr. Tomoya, ZOCALO, is also participated.
It is beautiful. There were more treasures. Thank you very much.
I will upload it to Gallery if a little more!