Long thing I will forget about what I started when I do the same work.

Why does it have the name of ZOCALO as a brand name or in the bottom of the memory.

"The brand name is" ZOCALO "," I think that it was lightly talked about 10,000 times after saying it. That's why I decided to dig a little memory.

"ZOCALO", which is also the name of the jewelry brand, is derived from the square, which was the center of the city where I was studying the basics of jewelry.

How to read "ZOCALO"

ZOCALO is the name of the square in the center of the city in any city of Mexico. In Spanish, we will pronounce with Sokaro and no turbanence.

While having won two times in the war, the general Americans who did not require non-American language acquisition ability are read as "Zokaro".

Japanese people who have received Roman letters educational educational education without liable in Mexico will also read "Zokaro".

I call it "Sokaro" but it's a bit but it is good.

"ZARA" is called "Sarah" in Spanish but is almost called "Zara" except for Spanish spaces.

Maybe how many times are "ZARA" headquartering meeting, "What do you do? "The ZARA trademark registration is Logo. You must have arrived at the place where you are good.

So "Sokaro" is also "Zokaro".


What is the brand name "ZOCALO"?

I often receive questions.

"ZOCALO" (Sokaro)

1. "Where people gather"
2. "Basic and base"
3. "A buried cultural heritage"

I put three meanings.


1 "Where people gather"

I studied "Jewelry production" in earnest for the first time was the city called TAXCO (Tasco) in Mexico.

Mexico has a square called "ZOCALO" in every city.
This square is a fun place where people gather, surrounded by churches, restaurants, and many stores.
Especially on weekend nights and Sundays with worship, balloons sell, cotton candy, toy selling, toy selling, and more fun.

It is fun to stay in a foreign country, but if you find a cozy place called "good", it will be more fun.

Such a fun "The place to gather" is intended to make it.

2 "Basic and base"

Also, in this Zocalo, in Spanish in Europe

1. Width (Building Building Material)
2. Pedestal
3. Basic

Have the meaning of

Company name, brand name, either
What has the meaning of "basic and base"
I think it is a very good thing.

3 "buried cultural heritage"

It may be possible to be able to remove it as it is a language name called Spanish, but Mexico's Latin American was once a colony of "Spain".

The colony was invaded, and in front of the aggression, "Maya Aztec Civilization" is a land that boasts prosperity.

At the time of aggression, the center of the village of "Maya Aztec", which has at the center of the town, is destroyed, filled there there is a new town center "ZOCALO" with the church, and it will come to now.

In the 1970s, a large earthquake of Mexico City, part of ZOCALO is depressed, and the ruins of the Azteca is discovered.

History is also a place where culture is also buried.

Such "buried cultural heritage" is dug up and it is meaningful to have a sun.


"ZOCALO" (Sokaro)

1. "Where people gather"
2. "Basic and base"
3. "A buried cultural heritage"

For now, it is likely to be used in the same way as the meaning.

Thank you for your luck.


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