Dorje Puzzle RIng: Dogle Puzzle Ring

"puzzle" instead of "bazle".
It's a puzzle, but it's very simple.There's only three pieces in it.
Dogger is in the middle.It's not ribbon.

I thought I was an integral part of it, but I made it.I have one.This is the time.So there's a time when you can make a very good clean up.I don't know what to do with it.

The central ring is said to exorcise evil by collecting the power of Buddhist hogu Dorje and the heavenly sky.It is also referred to as Vajra (Bajra).

The two sides on the side have carved the ivy (ivy), a symbol of vivid power that is strong inside the bar.The belly of the ring is put in the belly of the palm when it is worn.The usual rings aren't patterned so that they can be resized around here, but ZOCALO (Sokaro) is going to do something about it on purpose.As a result, it is a pretty hard thing to create a prototype for each result size, but I'm satisfied with the size and the size of which I can look at when I look at it.