Tenkū no hegemon: Dragon >

Tenkū no hegemon: Dragon >


The only fictional creature of the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon >, is the head of the Oriental motif.In "Sokaro," it is not a Western one, but is obsessed with Oriental Dragon (Dragon), which is the origin of Oriental Buddhism.


Toyo's "dragons" have been merciful, wise, and good, and have been revered since ancient times.It symbolizes the spiritual power of the spiritual world and the world, and is connected with the imagination of wisdom, power, and nature.It is also enshrined in temples as the object of worship.


Also, by the addition of other symbols to the Dragon >, each appearance has a symbolic meaning, and it becomes a new concept.For example, if "dragon" and "Phoenix" were drawn together in ancient Chinese paintings, it would describe the harmony between the world of heaven and the earth.Expand the ' Sokaro 'Phoenix FeatherIt may be good for you to put yourself in a combination with the Phoenix Feather.


And what is most important is to live in the sky,5A blue-green "dragon" with a book's foot symbolizes the power of the sky and the power of the emperor, "the joys of the sun," "joyful" "spiritual knowledge", and "death".by the way4The "dragons" of their fingernails signiously mean secular power;3In the case of the nails, it is said to symbolize rain.


It is believed that among Chinese people, they are descendants of the "Dragon >".In addition, the person who was born in Dragon (Dragon) year is considered to be rich in health, wealth, and longevity, and is especially blessed.


In Japanese Buddhism, it is considered to be one of the existence of the guardian of Buddhism, including the eight great dragon kings, and it is also the god of water that brings rain from the main part of the country.Ryujin is also called Ryuo, Ryugu no kami and Ryugu-yo (Ryugu-sama), and is enshrined in various parts of Japan as the god of water.


In this way, the dragon (dragon) in the East has been revered as a symbol of "good luck" and "Shugo."He made such an Oriental "dragon" powerful and finished with a polite approach to Jueley.DragonIt's a collection of dragons.


"Socalo" has a wide variety of people, including pendant and rings, and piercing and wallet chains.DragonThe (dragon) collection is in development.


The image of a dragon, which is likely to move forward, gives power to the people who wear it.Why don't you try to wear it as an accessory, not just as an accessory, but with an elephant, a wish?