for ZOCALO Beijing Opening


I think that ZOCALO is a voice that I have been following all my life.
From my personal experience, ZOCALO is a place where people and culture come together and a place where beautiful things are kept.

From the perspective of culture, we focus on the oriental one.
It started 2000 years ago in Persia, moving to India and then to the Han Dynasty of China and the completion of Silk Road.
This long history left the blending of culture and it is a very beautiful thing.
Religion has been the soul of human culture for thousands of years. Christianity, Buddhist and Islam all originated in the Eastern world.
I am very fascinated by these cultures and that is why I suddenly wanted to travel around the area when I was in college.

Design principles
I believe that beautiful things must be felt by the heart and body - not just by reading books.
Majestic temples and buildings stand beyond time and space. These structures represent the soul of people.
Every souls are so special, just like everyone of us and are difficult to copy.
In the same way, all of ZOCALO’s jewellery is unique and timeless.
So, from my point of view, ZOCALO represents the culture. 
The meaning of culture is too broad to express in words, but I will try my best to show you the beautiful things from my understanding of culture through ZOCALO’s work.

Expression of culture
Before I talk about ZOCALO designs, I want to explain what the expression of culture is.
I believe that art is the expression of culture.
All local cultures will eventually make their appearance as some form of art.
I choose to express these classic cultures to you through jewellery with artistic creation.

ZOCALO designs
Next, I would like to introduce two classical designs. The Dorje and Phoenix Feather:
First is the Dorje

  • DORJE comes from ancient India and the Buddhism secret sect. It is a weapon used by many gods and magicians. It symbolises wisdom, protection from bad things, and the gathering of good power from the sky. It can destroy all kinds of troubles.
  • It is a tool for the priest or yogis to practice “Taoism”.
  • The earliest Dorje shape was single headed with very sharp ends. 
  • We keep the original shape of Dorje and make it artistic. For example, we add the Ivy pattern and combine elements from other cultures to make the Dorje more beautiful. Those thing make Dorje an artwork but also an amulet like our Logo.
The second important design is the Phoenix Feather
  • The Phoenix, originating in China, is also known as the “Emperor Bird”, the kind of bird in ancient legends
  • It is a bird that is believed to have a male bird and female bird inside together.
  • Phoenix culture was introduced to the West as the “Immortal bird” in Assyrian culture and the “Sunbird” in the Egyptian culture
  • The Western culture believe that the bird reborn by bathing fire, so called “immortal bird”.
  • ZOCALO takes the feather element of the Phoenix to design our jewelry.
  • We hope to bring you good wishes by borrowing the powerful meaning of the Phoenix from both the Eastern and Western cultures.

Manufacturing process
I believe process is an important part of ZOCALO.
Good jewelry design preserve for a long time.

Whenever you see it, you will find it beautiful.
We use manufacturing techniques and add elements of design to make jewellery that is attractive and make our customer want to wear everyday.

I know our customers have a lot of jewelry, but I hope that the ZOCALO jewelry will be the ones that you find beautiful no matter how much time passes.

The sculptors who make ZOCALO’s jewelry put their soul into every piece of work.
Just like the people who built the Forbidden City of Beijing where the beauty lies.