Silver Cleaner

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Please note that if you pickle the smoked silver in this liquid, you will be able to take a great process! It is a cleaner for silverware only.

Just soak in the liquid for 10-15 seconds to instantly remove dirt and fogging and regain its original shine.

1. Place the precious metal on the attached tray in the container and soak it in the liquid for 10 to 30 seconds. However, do not soak in the liquid for more than 30 seconds. If the stain is severe, use the supplied brush in the container to remove the dirt.

2. After that, rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water, wipe with a clean soft cloth and dry.

3.ConnoissEORS ultra soft cloth is the most effective.

4. For cloudy or dirty parts, wash, rinse, dry, and wash repeatedly for about 5 minutes.

* After use, be sure to close the lid and store in a place where it does not sun.

◆Materials Thiorium oxide, surfactants, air fresheners

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